International Day of Immunology

January 1, 2021

IUIS is working with Regional and National Societies in a global effort to promote the benefits of immunology research during the International Day of Immunology (DoI), taking place every year on April 29.

This is a unique opportunity to increase awareness around the world about immunology and the importance of immunity to fight major diseases, improve research and save lives.”

Stefan Kaufmann, IUIS Past President when launching the first Day of Immunology in Europe in 2005

Join the action

‣ Join the IUIS-EFIS Webinar on April 29

To mark the Day of Immunology, EFIS and IUIS will jointly organize a webinar on 29 April 2022. Featuring both presentations and a panel discussion, it brings together global experts to take stock of where we are and what the future may hold.

Programme available soon!

‣ Create an awareness campaign

This year’s theme is “VACCINES”

Reserve April 29 as the day to discuss immunology with everyone you know! It will be an asset to publicizing your immunological society and the importance of immunology to global health. Design your campaign the way you like using any media you wish – posters, film, video, social media, email or regular mail. Ask all your members to give webinars, interviews, lectures, join classroom discussions, contact local journalists, meet teachers and talk to friends, family and neighbours about their amazing immune systems! Your participation helps an international community of immunologists dedicated to improving health for people around the world.

Apply for the Day of Immunology Awards

IUIS and EFIS are awarding 6,000€ every three years, to the four best public relations campaigns covering the Day of Immunology. The next edition will be rewarding recipients for the years 2020 to 2023 (applications submitted in 2021 will be reviewed in June 2022, together with 2020, 2022 and 2023 applications). All the years are eligible but the awards take place once every three years to coincide with the IUIS Congress. READ MORE

Spread the word

Download and share the Day of Immunology resources as far and wide as you can:

We are happy to assist with advice and/or pedagogic material that you can freely use to create a winning virtual campaign that will reach journalists, schoolteachers, politicians and decision-makers, or to plan face-to-face actions if the health situation in your area allows it. If you have any questions about the use of materials, please contact the IUIS Liaison for the Day of Immunology, Dr Tatyana Chtanova at

Get inspired

Have a look at the exciting awareness campaigns from previous editions of the International Day of Immunology!

You will also find additional pedagogical resources on the EFIS website

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