Education Committee (EDU)

The EDU Committee is mandated to help organizing immunology courses in the developing world.

What is the EDU?

The IUIS Education Committee is mandated to help organizing immunology courses in the developing world. The courses are aimed at discussing issues and problems that are pertinent to the developing world while providing an update on relevant current issues and technologies in Immunology.

Field of action

We primarily support attendance and participation of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and young investigators. We also support attendance and participation of students and young immunologists from the developing world to well established Immunology courses held in other countries.Most educators implicated feel that participation in a targeted course taught by local and international speakers and with a relatively low number of participants is the best way to contribute to dissemination of immunology and implementation of effective laboratory practice in the developing world.

Our annual budget is limited and we generally do not give more than US$ 5000 per course. IUIS money must go towards students expenditures, traveling and course materials and cannot be used to reimburse the teaching staff. We often pair with other Federations and Societies to co-sponsor courses.


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