EDU Faculty Recruitment

The Education Committee of IUIS is actively involved in supporting the organization of Immunology Courses in the developing world and in actively participating. We are often asked for names of immunologists who would be willing to travel to different corners of the world and teach in those courses. Believe me the experience is most rewarding as the students are particularly eager to learn and appreciative.

As you know, the financial constraints in developing countries are such that they cannot pay travel expenses of the teaching staff. However, local organizers generally pay for most accommodation costs. Therefore, you have to be willing to pay for your own travel expenses. Often, the courses are in the context of an International Federation Meeting and those have been excellent and provided opportunities to expand our network of colleagues and foreign trainees.

We would like you to circulate this information and the registration form (.doc) to the members of your Immunological Federation and Society and encourage them to respond promptly.