Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee (QAS)

The QAS Committee's goals include contributing overview articles for the IUIS journal, and keeping existing sub-committees supported.

What is the QAS?

The Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee (QAS) goals and objectives are the following:

  1. Keep the existing Sub-Committees supported
  2. Make standardization activities public by organizing symposia during IUIS Meetings
  3. Contribute overview articles for the IUIS journal
  4. Attract sponsorship to increase Committee activities

List of reports

QAS Newsletter Contribution – September 2022

2022 updates of the International Consensus on ANA Patterns (ICAP)By Edward K. L. Chan, Wilson…

HEp-2 CIC project: Clinical and Immunological Characterization of HEp-2 IFA Patterns

By Professor Luis E. C. Andrade, Rheumatology Division, São Paulo Federal University, São Paulo, Brazil…

QAS Newsletter Contribution

Allergen Standardization Sub-Committee Chair: Stefan Vieths, PhD, Langen, GermanyVice Chair: Fatima Ferreira, PhD, Salzburg, Austria…

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