Travel4Expertise – The Grant for Caregivers

May 17, 2024Gender Equity Committee (GEC)

The opportunity to train in new techniques or analyses often requires researchers to travel to different institutes, cities or countries. These training visits can take weeks to months. While there are several opportunities for researcher to access travel and research funds to learn new techniques from other researchers (in labs, at workshops or courses), these opportunities may not be practical for those with carer duties.

To promote equitable opportunities for research, the IUIS Gender Equity Committee offers a small number of Travel for Techniques grants-in-aid (up to 2,500 USD each) in 2024 to support the care-giving costs for those researchers who travel to learn new techniques.

Funds may be used in any way that suits the recipient’s personal circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Travel or accommodation for primary school age or younger children
  • Childcare costs at the destination
  • Travel or accommodation for a companion to provide childcare
  • Employment of a carer while the care-giver is away (such as a babysitter for children or nursing support care for elderly or unwell dependents)
  • Transport costs to/from school and after-school activities while the care-giver is away
  • Before- or after-school care for children while the care-giver is away
  • Additional days of childcare at home while awardees are traveling

For costs to be reimbursed, a receipt or similar proof of payment must be provided to the IUIS.

These funds are not to support conference attendance. 

The grants-in-aid do not cover:

  • Normal formal childcare costs at home
  • Costs related to the trip of the researcher, such as travel expenses, consumables, accommodation while away, or workshop fees etc.

Applicants are asked to provide a one-page document that includes:

  1. Name and institution, city, country of the training site.
  2. Training technique, workshop or course details, including website and contact details of the person providing training or hosting the workshop.
  3. A list of current or requested funding to support travel and attendance.
  4. A short explanation of why the training is important for the research.
  5. A short explanation of how this award will support your participation.
  6. A brief budget, with quotes where appropriate.
  7. A CV of the applicant should be attached.


All researchers (ranging from PhD students, postdocs to early PIs (up to 12 years after PhD, excluding career breaks) with care-giving responsibilities who attend(ed) a training/workshop/course between 1/10/2023 and 30/9/2024 are eligible to apply for this grant.

Please send your applications including all the documents required to

Application Deadline: 30/9/2024

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