SCGES Webinars in June – on Gender Equality

June 2, 2022Gender Equity Committee (GEC)

In order to promote gender equality in science, a number of international organizations including IUIS act together to further promote gender equality in science through SCGES, the Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science. The SCGES aim to support women and girls’ equal access to science education and fostering equal opportunity and treatment for females in their careers.

SCGES is organizing two webinars in June 2022.

The first one, “Toward Gender Equality in Science: Perspectives from Psychology“, organized by UPsyS is taking place on June 13 2022 with the following lecturers and titles:

  • Pam Maras: “Toward Gender Equality in Science: Perspectives from Psychology
  • Vindhya Undurti: “Gender Equality in Psychology: An intersectional feminist perspective from South Asia
  • Isabelle Régner: “The influence of gender stereotypes on cognitive performances and hiring decisions

    More details and registration form here.

The second one, “Quotas for women in science: Are they an effective step towards equality and/or equity?“, organized by IUBS is taking place on June 29 2922 with the following lecturers and titles:

  • Marguerite Evans-Galea, Director of the STEM Careers Strategy with the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and co-founder and CEO of Women in STEM Australia
  • Renee Borges from the Indian Academy of Sciences “Gender in STEM streams in India”
  • Gerlind Wallon, Deputy Director EMBO, EMBO Women in Science “Exploring quotas in academia”
  • Silvia González Pérez, vice-chancellor of Research in Universistad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador “Why is there gender equity at UTPL?”

    More details and registration form here.

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