Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA)


Sunil Arora (Indian Immunology Society, IIS) 
E-mail: skarorain@gmail.com

Vice President

Osamu Takeuchi (Japanese Society for Immunology, JSI) 
E-mail: otake@mfour.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp


Bo Huang (Chinese Society for Immunology, CSI)
E-mail: tjhuangbo@hotmail.com


Kiyoshi Takeda (Japanese Society for Immunology, JSI)
Email: ktakeda@ongene.med.osaka-u.ac.jp

Past President

Laura Mackay (Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology, ASI) 
E-mail: lkmackay@unimelb.edu.au

Report: 49th Annual conference of the Indian Immunology Society

The 49th Annual Conference of the Indian Immunology Society (IMMUNOCON-2022) was organised jointly by the…

2023 First Virtual FIMSA Council Meeting

2023 First Virtual Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania  (FIMSA) Council Meeting The 2023 Frist…

2022 Annual Report – FIMSA

2022 Annual Report – Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA) A new FIMSA council…

IUIS-FIMSA-IIS Immuno-India 2023

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FIMSA – Advanced Training Course

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2023 Day of Immunology Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 winners! Best International Campaign: Sociedad Argentina de Inmunologia Best European Campaign:…

ASI announces their new ASI Global Outreach Award

Application round: August 2nd – 29th, 2023 ASI have launched their newest award.   Established…

FIMSA Travel Awards for IUIS 2023 Congress

FIMSA announces Twenty (20) Travel bursaries for young scientists (graduate students/post-docs) of USD 1,500 each,…

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