2017 Edition: Day of Immunology

July 18, 2019

Immunology day Algeria 2017

April 29th marks the Day of Immunology. Check out what some of our members did to celebrate and spread awareness!

Convinced by the IUIS slogan “Immunology without borders”, we have organized this event in the capital of West Algeria because we believe that the Algerian people, students and patients have the right to celebrate it. This event has taken place at the Pediatric Hospital of Oran for the benefit of sick children on Saturday 29 April.

Sixth International symposium -World Asthma Day-Kosovo

Sixth International symposium -World Asthma Day -Prishtina 2017,was held in Prishtina May 26 2017. It was very successfully Symposium with more than 320 participants.In our Symposium took  doctor of primary care,allergologists ,pediatrics, ORLists  etc.

More than 20 lecturers from UK, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo gave lectures about asthma.

This Symposium was organised by Kosovo Immunology Asthma and Allergy Association,helped by Health Ministry,University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” and Municipality of Prishtina.

Click Here to read the Media coverage for the Day of Immunology in the Italian newspaper ”La Stampa”.

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