Call for applications: IMGT-NC Review Committee

September 29, 2022Nomenclature Committee (NOM)

The IG/TR/MH Nomenclature Sub-committee (ITM-NSC) of IUIS’s Nomenclature Committee is responsible for validating, approving, and assigning names to newly discovered immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor germline genes (IG and TR, respectively) and non-human MHC genes (MH).

The ITM-NSC has recently elected new leadership and adopted a democratic and transparent governance structure. As part of this transition, the IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee (IMGT-NC Reports RC) is also being reorganized. We now call upon the immunology and immunogenetics community to support this transition by sharing this advertisement with colleagues and considering applying to become members of the revitalized Review Committee (RC).


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