Immunoglobulins (IG), T cell Receptors (TR) and Major Histocompatibility (MH) Nomenclature Sub-Committee


Marie‐Paule Lefranc (France), Founding and Life Member 1989


Deputy Chair

Fumihiko Matsuda (Japan), Founding and Life Member 1989


  • Cynthia L. Baldwin (USA) 2006
  • Eva Bengtén (USA) 2006
  • Pierre Boudinot (France) 2006
  • Felix Breden (Canada) 2013
  • Salvatrice Ciccarese (Italy) 2007
  • Mike Criscitiello (USA) 2020
  • Deborah Dunn‐Walters (UK) 2006
  • Jean‐Pol Frippiat (France) 2006
  • Véronique Giudicelli (France) 2014
  • John Hammond (UK) 2020
  • Sofia Kossida (France) 2014
  • Ramit Mehr (Israel) 2017
  • Serge Muyldermans (Belgium) 2006
  • John Schwartz (UK) 2020
  • Jamie Scott (Canada) 2013
  • Bettina Wagner (USA) 2006
  • Corey T. Watson (USA) 2013

Founding and Life Members

  • Max Cooper (USA), Founding and Life Member 1989
  • Tasuku Honjo (Japan), Founding and Life Member 1989, Nobel Prize 2018
  • Leroy Hood (USA), Founding and Life Member 1989
  • Gérard Lefranc (France), Founding and Life Member 1989
  • Fumihiko Matsuda(Japan), Founding and Life Member 1989

Acknowledgments to the Founding (1989) Honorary Members

  • Donald Capra (USA) (1937-2015)
  • Hans Georg Zachau (Germany) (1930-2017)

Publication for the 25 years of the Sub-Committee

Lefranc M.-P. Immunoglobulin (IG) and T cell receptor genes (TR): IMGT® and the birth and rise of immunoinformatics. Front Immunol. 2014 Feb 05;5:22. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2014.00022. Open access PMID: 24600447 (on invitation of the IUIS Nomenclature Committee Chair)


Reports is an initiative of the IUIS Nomenclature Sub-Committee for immunoglobulins (IG), T cell receptors (TR) and major histocompatibility (MH) (IG/TR/MH), allowing scientists to submit IMGT names for new IG and TR variable (V), diversity (D), joining (J) and constant (C) genes and alleles to the IUIS Sub-Committee for approval, based on the IMGT Scientific chart rules and the IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts of classification (CLASSIFICATION axiom).

2021 Sub-Committee Report

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