2023 Day of Immunology

October 24, 2022

The Day of Immunology 2023 will be dedicated to demonstrating how our understanding of human immunology can improve public health.


Mark the Day!

Mark the date: April 29 is #DayofImmunology. The 2023 theme is ‘Immunology Talks to Public Health.’ IUIS & EFIS invite all international societies to join in the effort to increase global awareness of the importance of immunology and demonstrate how our understanding of human immunology can improve public health.

More information will be available soon on our event calendar.

‣ Create an awareness campaign

Reserve April 29 as the day to discuss immunology with everyone you know! It will be an asset to publicizing your immunological society and the importance of immunology to global health. Design your campaign the way you like using any media you wish – posters, film, video, social media, email or regular mail. Ask all your members to give webinars, interviews, lectures, join classroom discussions, contact local journalists, meet teachers and talk to friends, family and neighbours about their amazing immune systems! Your participation helps an international community of immunologists dedicated to improving health for people around the world.

Apply for the Day of Immunology Awards

IUIS and EFIS are awarding 6,000€ every three years, to the four best public relations campaigns covering the Day of Immunology. The next edition will be rewarding recipients for the years 2020 to 2023 (applications submitted in 2021 will be reviewed in June 2022, together with 2020, 2022 and 2023 applications). All the years are eligible but the awards take place once every three years to coincide with the IUIS Congress. Read more.

Spread the word

Share your message about #Dayof Immunology #ThankYouImmunology on social media using the resources provided in our media kit below. Remember to tag IUIS in your posts (Twitter @iuis_online / Facebook @IUISorg / Instagram @iuis_online).


Past Editions

You will also find additional pedagogical resources on the EFIS website www.dayofimmunology.org.

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