Irish Society for Immunology


Dr. Annie Curtis

The Irish Society for Immunology (ISI) was formed in 1984 to promote the knowledge and understanding of Immunology in Ireland. The ISI also promotes the study and research into Immunology relating to health and disease in Ireland.The ISI committee was formed in 1984 and in 1985 and the ISI hosted their inaugural research conference.

Currently, the annual ISI conference is attended by 200 delegates and is Ireland’s largest Immunology meeting. This meeting has previously been hosted in Ireland’s premier exhibition venues, including Croke Park and the RDS.
The ISI Public Lecture Award was initiated in 2002 and in the inaugural ISI Schools Talks were hosted in 2006.

Society Profile

President: Dr. Annie Curtis

Vice-President: Dr. Michelle Armstrong

Secretary: Dr. Joanne Lysaght

Treasurer: Dr. Aisling Dunne

The Irish Society for Immunology (ISI) was formed in 1984 with the mission to promote excellence in the discipline of Immunology across the island of Ireland and to raise the profile of Irish immunologists and their research worldwide.​Our vision is to make the discipline of Immunology accessible and exciting for all by promoting and supporting excellent research, education outreach and clinical practice of Immunology in Ireland to improve our lives.

Currently, the annual ISI conference is attended by >200 delegates and is Ireland’s largest Immunology meeting.  The ISI holds a Public Lecture Award each year, highlighting the work of successful Irish immunologists in Ireland and around the world. More recently the ISI has embarked on outreach activities, bringing immunology to school children and providing key teaching materials to teachers throughout the country.



Other Details

Country: Ireland

Regional Federation: European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS)

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