International Society of Fish and Shellfish

The International Society of Fish and Shellfish Immunology (ISFSI) was established to unite scientists from around the globe researching all facets of immunology in aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates. As outlined in its Constitution, the primary objectives of ISFSI are:

  • Organize international cooperation in aquatic immunology and promote communication between the various branches of aquatic immunology and allied subjects.
  • To encourage cooperation within the academic scientific organizations and between the relevant industries that represent the interests of aquatic immunology.
  • To contribute to the advancement of aquatic immunology in all its aspects.
  • To encourage and promote the central values and objectives of studying and functionally applying aquatic immunological knowledge among the new generations.

Society Profile

Executive Board


President 2023-2025

Dr. Jorge Galindo-Villegas (Norway)• Nord University


Dr. Beatriz Novoa (Spain)• IMR, CSIC



Dr. Carmen Feijoo (Chile)• Universidad Andres Bello; Awards and recognition


Dr. Louise von Gerdorf Jørgensen (Denmark)• Copenhagen University; Mentorship program



• Dr. Irene Salinas (USA)• New Mexico University; Diversity, equality, and inclusion, 

• Dr. Han-Ching Wang (Taiwan)• Taiwan University; Research interest group - Invertebrates

• Dr. Felipe Reyes-López (Chile)• Universidad de Chile; Distance Learning

• Dr. Francisco Juan Martínez-Navarro (Spain)• Murcia University; Graduates and Postdocs Representative, Jr. Member

Other Details

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