#ThankYouImmunology video campaign for the 2022 Day of Immunology

April 27, 2022

The 2022 #ThankYouImmunology campaign will play out on social media on the four days leading up to Day of Immunology on April 29. Each day of the campaign will feature a different activity, coordinated by either EFIS/IUS, Immunopaedia, or young EFIS as explained in this short video.

Day 1 of the campaign, coordinated by EFIS & IUIS, focuses on some of the activities and messages from EFIS and IUIS societies and/or regional federations. Day 2 highlights the passion dedication of Immunopaedia Ambassadors in a series of Q&A videos. Day 3 promotes this year’s vaccine theme by posting reliable vaccine resources in multiple European languages thanks to yEFIS and the EFIS Vaccine Task Force (in collaboration with the British Society for Immunology). Finally, to round off the campaign, yEFIS have put together videos answering kids’ questions about Immunology and vaccines.

 You can follow all the videos on social media using the #ThankYouImmunology and by subscribing to the Day of Immunology YouTube channel.

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