International Women’s Day 2022

March 7, 2022Gender Equality Committee (GEC)

Today, 8th of March 2022, if WE were all the women on the planet, the most important achievement would be to feel and be considered equal. This is because the freedom that comes with gender equality will allow us to live and contribute to a better and more sustainable society. This can only happen if gender power becomes equal and gender equality is finally achieved in all human activities, including science and technology.

On this important holiday that celebrates equal rights for women, GEC would like to remind everyone that we are seeking nominations for the new IUIS prize, Menarini Prize for Outstanding Women Immunologists. What better way to honor a woman colleague on her special day, International Womens’ Day, than to give her the recognition she deserves by sending in her nomination for this Prize?

Detailed instructions for nomination can be found on the GEC website.

IUIS-Gender Equality Committee

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