Calling for Nominations to the EDU Committee & its online subcommittee

November 7, 2023Education Committee (EDU)

Dear fellow immunologist,

The IUIS Education Committee (EDU) ( is a dynamic group of committed immunologists representing the Regional Federations ( encompassing Europe (EFIS), Latin America (ALACI), Africa (FAIS) and Asia-Oceania (FIMSA) and North America (AAI/CSI). The EDU comprises 16 official members and additional participants involved in the On-Line Learning sub-committee (OLSC).

The vision of the EDU is to advance Immunology training worldwide and lower disparity through the promotion and support of Immunology Education in low to middle-income countries (LMICs).

The EDU mission is to

  • Organize courses in LMIC that are relevant to regional needs, working together with local immunologists.  
  • Provide a limited number of travel fellowships to students from LMIC to attend advanced immunology courses, through partnerships with immunological  
  • Contribute to raising additional funds needed to support the activities of the  
  • Provide ongoing academic mentoring of previous course  
  • Provide free access to on-line immunology  

The OLSC is an integral component of the EDU that uses the IUIS official on-line learning site: Immunopaedia ( Potential candidates for the OLSC who have online educational experience and/or qualifications would be favorably considered. Members of OLSC are not necessarily official members of the EDU, which has a limit of 16 members. The chair of OLSC is an official member of the EDU.

Four slots on the EDU committee itself have become vacant, as well as several positions on the OLSC subcommittee and we would like nominations (self-nominations included). We are specifically looking for representation from Africa (FAIS), China/Japan (FIMSA), and Canada (AAI/CSI).

Closing date for nominations: 17th November 2023

Please submit a 3-page CV along with a motivation to sit on the EDU itself or the OLSC to the incoming chair, Clive Gray ( and copy Bon Holtak ( Consideration of applicants and decision will occur during the 18th International Congress of Immunology, 27 November – 2 December 2023, Cape Town, South Africa (

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