IUIS Anti-Racism Statement

July 16, 2020

As an international union of immunological societies, we are diverse by design.  Racial diversity is built into our very structure.  Our cultural differences enrich and strengthen us. Our commitment to equality and diversity is reflected in our leadership, elected by a global immunology community that values these principles. We are unified in our mission “Immunology without Borders”.  

We strongly condemn the acts of violence that led to the death of George Floyd on May 25th 2020 in the United States of America.  These events have brought to the fore the uncomfortable discussion that discrimination is rampant globally. Whether subtle, blatant or indeed brutal, the unjust treatment of a fellow human being for a physical characteristic over which they have no control must be named and shamed.

The IUIS re-affirms its commitment to equality and diversity across the dividing lines of race, gender, age, social or academic standing.  We strive to continuously adhere to these principles in all our activities and to pro-actively incorporate them into all our policy guidelines. We make the conscious effort to “see” discrimination for what it is. We choose to “speak out” and to “act” over silence and indifference. We value and uphold the rights of all human beings.

Faith Osier

IUIS President

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