3rd European Congress on Cancer Stem Cell and Oncology Research

Saturday 29th July 2023 at Hotel SB BCN Events

The Coalesce Research Group is a US based independent life science Events Organizing Company, they would like to cordially invite Your Association to participate or to collaborate with 3rd European Congress on “Cancer Stem cell and Oncology Research” which is going to be held during 29-30 July, 2023 at Hotel SB BCN Events, Barcelona, Spain.

The Coalesce Research Group cordially invite Associations to partner as Media Partner/Supporting Partner or as an Academic Partner for this Conference.

The Coalesce Research Group wish to share with you an excitement and the ideas for creation and exchange of knowledge and information in the scientific field through our Conference.

In order to make this conference successful, participation from great organization, association, societies and academies is very much required.

The theme is: “Medical Advancements in the fields of Cancer Stem Cell and Oncology Research”

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