T-cell Receptor and Immunoglobulin Nomenclature Sub-Committee

Since this Sub-Committee has not addressed MHC/HLA nomenclature for several decades, the name of the Sub-Committee has been changed to “T-cell Receptor and Immunoglobulin Nomenclature Sub-Committee” (or “TR-IG NSC”).


Felix Breden (Canada), 2013
Email: breden@sfu.ca

John Hammond (UK), 2020
Email: john.hammond@pirbright.ac.uk


  • Eva Bengtén (USA) 2006
  • Salvatrice Ciccarese (Italy) 2007
  • Deborah Dunn‐Walters (UK) 2006
  • Jean‐Pol Frippiat (France) 2006
  • Véronique Giudicelli (France) 2014
  • Sofia Kossida (France) 2014
  • Ramit Mehr (Israel) 2017
  • John Schwartz (UK) 2020
  • Jamie Scott (Canada) 2013
  • Corey T. Watson (USA) 2013

The T-cell Receptor and Immunoglobulin Nomenclature Sub-Committee adopted Terms of Reference in Spring 2022, outlining a democratic and transparent governance structure. The following description of the Sub-Committee’s goals, structure, and processes will be revised as the quantity and types of data available for understanding T-cell receptor and immunoglobulin germline gene polymorphisms change and as the Sub-Committee strives to best serve the immunogenetics community.


In continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Marie-Paule Lefranc, the T-Cell Receptor and Immunoglobulin Nomenclature Sub-Committee is responsible for validating, approving, and assigning names to newly discovered T-cell receptor (TR) and immunoglobulin (IG) germline genes, following the principles of the IMGT™ information system insofar as possible. This Sub-Committee is also responsible for coordinating the biocuration of these genes in the appropriate germline gene databases. 


The T-cell Receptor and Immunoglobulin Nomenclature Sub-Committee will practice in its governance and its partnerships:

  • Excellence and professionalism
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Innovation and sustainability

Terms of Reference

Click here to access the terms of reference for this Sub-committee

Reports to IUIS.

You will find information about the history of the Sub-Committee since its creation and annual reports through the 17th International Congress of Immunology in 2019 here:

IUIS NOM Immunoglobulins (IG), T cell Receptors (TR) and Major Histocompatibility (MH) Nomenclature Sub-committee (IMGT-NC)

2020-2021 Sub-committee Report

2022 Sub-committee Report

IUIS NOM IMGT-NC report table 2017-2022

To contact TR-IG NSC, send an email to: tr-ig-subcomm@iuis.org

TR-IG Nomenclature Review Committee (formerly IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee)


The TR-IG Nomenclature Review Committee was established as an elected body by the IUIS TR-IG Nomenclature Sub-Committee in October 2022. TR-IG Nomenclature Review Committee has been tasked with developing procedures for evaluating, naming, and reporting new germline genes encoding T-cell receptors (TR) and immunoglobulins (IG). The IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee previously performed this function.


Andrew Collins  (University of New South Wales; webpage) 2022

Elisa Rosati Scalchi (GSK; Linkedin) 2022

Corey Watson  (University of Louisville; webpage) 2022

Henk-Jan van den Ham (ENPICOM;LinkedIn) 2022

Luc Teyton (Scripps Research; webpage) 2022

Yana Safonova (Johns Hopkins; webpage) 2022

To contact TR-IG Nomenclature Review Committee, send an email to tr-ig-nrc@iuis.org.

Germline gene submission for review and approval:

Scientists submit sequences for new IG and TR variable (V), diversity (D), joining (J) and constant (C) genes and alleles to the TR-IG Review Committee. Working with the submitters, members of this Review Committee review and approve sequences and names, based on specific data-driven criteria and review processes. Validated IG and TR germline gene sequences and their names are passed to partner databases for curation and inclusion in germline gene/allele sets.

Note: The appropriate procedures and submission forms are currently being developed. Please contact us at tr-ig-nrc@iuis.org if you would like to submit sequences for review and approval.

Inferred Allele Review Committee

IG and TR germline V gene sequences can also be deduced from next-generation sequencing data from a B- or T-cell receptor repertoire. The Inferred Allele Review Committee (IARC) is a committee of the Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire (AIRR) Community Committee of The Antibody Society whose mission is to validate human IG and TR germline V gene allelic sequences that have been inferred from next-generation sequencing data. Criteria required for an inferred V allele to be considered for validation include (1) deposition of the repertoire from which the inference was made in the NCBI or ENA and in a peer-reviewed publication, (2) the complete V coding region, (3) inferences made with a validated and publicly available tool published in a peer-reviewed publication. IARC works with the TR-IG Nomenclature Review Committee to validate gene sequences and names.

Guidelines for submitting inferred allele sequences to the IARC through OGRDB can be found here.

Mats Ohlin (Sweden), Chair

   Email: mats.ohlin@immun.lth.se

Current public databases containing IG and TR germline-gene sequences and reference sets.