Kathleen Sullivan: COVID-19 in immunodeficient patients


Kathleen Sullivan will share her insights on:

– Immune compromise and the risk for severe COVID-19

– Primary immune deficiencies and COVID-19, what we know and what we don’t know

– Vaccine options for people living with primary immunodeficiencies


Kathleen Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan trained at UCSF and Johns Hopkins and has been at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia since 1993.  She is the Division Chief of Allergy Immunology, overseeing one of the largest North American clinics for inborn errors of immunity.   She co-edits Stiehm’s textbook on Immune Deficiencies and her clinical interests include the study of patients with DiGeorge syndrome/Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, variables related to outcomes of patients with primary immunodeficiencies, and the pathogenesis of early onset inflammatory bowel disease.

Carmen Martin Alonso

Carmen Martin Alonso got her Immunologist title after a 4-years residence at Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid. She worked in IBD immunogenetics for her phD and made a postdoc period on antitumoral preclinics. To date she has managed the quality assurance programme of the Spanish Society for Immunology (GECLID-SEI) for the last ten years and is the Scientific Director of Biobank at Centro de Hemoterapia y Hemodonacion de Castilla y León.

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