International Congress of Immunology 2016 Round-up

October 26, 2016

ICI 2016 Melbourne

IUIS meetings in Melbourne on occasion of ICI 2016

–  64th Council Meeting
–  16th General Assembly
–  Day of Immunology 2016 Award Winners
–  IUIS 2019
–  IUIS 2016-2019 Calendar for IUIS Officers

Dear IUIS officers, members, colleagues and friends,

We would like to start by thanking all of you who were able to attend the various IUIS meetings in Melbourne on occasion of ICI 2016. Below is a review of the main highlights from the Council Meetings and General Assembly, as well as the next steps for IUIS priority business.

  1. 164th Council Meeting
    1. The triennial congress will now be organized by IUIS, hosted by the local society and managed by the IUIS PCO, which is also to hold the financial risk.
    2. IUIS will pursue off-congress year small meetings with the support of K.I.T. Group
    3. The official Journal of the IUIS has had great success and received an IF of 5.695. Negotiations over renewing the agreement are underway.
    4. The IUIS’ new WHO Liaison is 2Dr Joachim Hombach
    5. IUIS is looking for a Chair of its new Publications Committee. All interested candidates or nominees should be sent to IUIS Secretary General Roslyn Kemp
  1. 316th General Assembly
  1. South Africa’s bid for Cape Town to host the IUIS triennial congress in 2022 was recommended by the IUIS Council and subsequently approved by the IUIS General Assembly. The South African Immunological Society beat out strong bids from four other bidding societies for the honor (Canada, France, Mexico and the UK).
  2. New members of the Executive Committee and Council were voted into office.
  1. 3. Day of Immunology 2016 Award Winners
    1. Best 2016 Theme “Immunotherapy” Campaign: Immunological Society of Serbia
    2. Best International Campaign: Indian Immunology Society
    3. Best European Campaign: Spanish Society of Immunology
    4. Most Innovative Campaign: Argentinean Society of Immunology
  1. 4. IUIS 2019
    1. Mark your calendars! The next International Congress of Immunology will take place April 25-30, 2019 in Beijing, China
    2. Sign up for a regular newsletter:
    3. Visit the website:
  1. 5. IUIS 2016-2019 Calendar for IUIS Officers
    1. 66th Council Meeting, 3 December 2017, Hammamet, Tunisia
    2. 67th Council Meeting, 14 May 2018, Cancún, Mexico
    3. 69th and 70th Council Meetings, 25 & 27 April 2019, Beijing, China
    4. Monthly Executive Committee meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates from the Central Office and on the IUIS website for the ongoing IUIS activities.

As always, we are at your disposal for any further questions or comments.

With kind regards,
Your IUIS Executive Committee

[1] 64th Council Meeting Minutes attached and posted on the IUIS website
[2] Dr. Hombach is the coordinator of the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR)
[3] 16th General Assembly Minutes are attached and posted on the IUIS website

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