Immunopaedia: Advancing Global Immunology Education is the official educational provider of online pre-course material for IUIS immunology courses in the developing world and in other countries. Immunopaedia is open-access and anyone can register with no fee. The platform delivers current educational content to provide frameworks of knowledge to IUIS course participants before they embark on face-to-face courses.

Immunopaedia promotes education, knowledge and research in Immunology globally; it is an immediate source of immunology information for healthcare professionals, students and researchers. Immunopaedia provides materials for teaching and learning immunology, from the basic immune system to advanced immunology and specialised focus areas. Online courses are behind a free registration login. Clinical case studies utilise doctors’ real-world experiences to demonstrate diagnostic methods and treatments as well as explain immunological pathways of diseases. Immunopaedia is kept current and informed with regularly updated news articles on advances in research and interviews with leading immunologists.


Online Courses: Immunopaedia creates and hosts online courses in partnership with the IUIS and other bodies. These courses educate and support participants and students before and after Immunology courses world-wide. Frameworks of knowledge are provided so that participants can fully engage and get the very best out of real-world courses. Lectures, relevant resources such as papers and multiple choice assessments educate users on all fronts. Discover more

Over 50 Clinical Case Studies: Real-life clinical cases are used to examine an Immunological concept that leads to greater understanding of the human immune system. These include patient presentation, history, differential diagnosis, examination, investigations, discussion, treatment, and a final outcome. Questions and answers are provided so that you can evaluate your understanding. Discover more. 

Basics of the Immune System: Unique information on the structure and inner workings of the immune system to give an overview of how immunity works. Discover more

Advanced Immunology: Topics that take a deeper understanding of Immunological concepts and systems in the human body. Discover more. 

Special Focus Area: Immunological information on diseases such as TB, HIV and Malaria as well as Cancer and Tumours and autoimmune diseases. Discover more. 

Treatments & Diagnostics: Information on HIV and TB diagnosis and specific guidelines for treatment. Information for immunological testing and clinical practice plus laboratory assay information, such as ELISAs, PCRs and flow cytometry. Discover more

Breaking News: Keep up to date with news in the world of Immunological research with summaries of recent papers and publications. Discover more

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 Breaking News: Keep up to date with easy to read summaries of publications and pre-print papers in COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 research. Get updates every weekday in this fast-evolving area of research. Discover more.

Interviews: Video, voice recordings and written interviews from some of the top immunologists in the world who give insight into their research, diseases and how to get ahead in the world of immunology. Discover more

Ambassadors: Our Ambassadors are innovative young immunologists who work to spread the word about our website in their home countries and institutions. We have built a global network of young scientists. Ambassadors also contribute to our Breaking News, Interviews and Online Courses. Discover more

Ambassador Sci-Talks: Our partnership with Keystone Symposia showcases the research our Ambassadors conduct. Immunopaedia ambassadors are invited to conduct visual recordings of their research for the Virtual Keystone Symposia: Science on Demand platform. Discover more.