April 29 is the International Day of Immunology!

October 14, 2013

Winners of the 2013 Day of Immunology Award: Turkey, Australia and Tunisia (shown in photo) with a special prize given to Barcelona

International Day of Immunology at www.dayofimmunology.org

IUIS and EFIS are working together to involve all regional and national societies in a global effort to promote the benefits of immunology research during the International Day of Immunology (DoI) thatis taking place every year on April 29.


“This is a unique opportunity to increase awareness around the world about immunology and the importance of immunity to fight major diseases, improve research and save lives,” said Stefan Kaufmann, IUIS Past President who launched the first Day of Immunology in Europe in 2005.

Every immunological society and federation is strongly encouraged toparticipate in the DoI.  EFIS made existing pedagogic material accessible to help teams create winning campaigns that reached journalists, school teachers, politicians, decision makers and the general public.

Each participating society designs a unique campaign using any media of their choice, including posters, film, video, social media, email and regular mail.  Members of societies gave interviews, lectures, joined classroom discussions, met teachers and talked to friends, family and neighbors about the amazing immune system!

The DoI on April 29 is a special day to discuss immunology in public places, shaping an international community of immunologists dedicated to improving health for people around the world.

Awards totaling 5000 euros are given to the top 3 public relations campaign for the Day of Immunology:

  1. International Day of Immunology Award, given by IUIS – 2000 euros for the best international campaign
  2. European Day of Immunology Award, given by EFIS – 2000 Euros for the best campaign in Europe, where the annual DoI has been celebrated since 2005
  3. Award for the Best Newcomer Campaign – 1000 euros for the best campaign organized by a candidate participating in the DoI for the first time

All national societies and regional federations are eligible to apply for a prize.  22 national societies appliedin 2013 and named an Ambassador to be the contact person for their campaign.

Criteria for Awarding Prizes
Awards are being given based on the campaign’s originality, clarity, and impact at national or regional level.

Prizes will be announced during a special awards ceremony at an international Immunology Congress, the congress and the date of the award ceremony will be announced.
During the Award Ceremony,IUIS President, and EFIS President will report on the best initiatives of the  DoI and then reveal the names of the winners.  The winners will have the opportunity to present their campaign to the audience.
Everyone is invited to participate in the award ceremony.We will applaud many examples of some of the excellent initiatives from different national societies, and this will be a unique opportunity for all of us to share ideas and help prepare the nextDoI.

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