Day of Immunology – Call to Action 2017!

July 18, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The annual Day of Immunology is just around the corner on April 29, 2017! The day is dedicated to increasing global awareness of the importance of immunology in the fight against the IGE (Allergy) – 50th Anniversary of IGE in 2017. The IUIS and EFIS are working together to encourage national societies to participate in the Day of Immunology and to promote the benefits of immunology research.

We strongly encourage your immunological society and federation to participate in the day. It will be an asset to publicizing your society and the importance of immunology to global heath. We are happy to assist you with advise (please feel free call) and pedagogic material that you can freely use to create a winning campaign that will reach journalists, school teachers, politicians and decision makers and all people youknow. 

The awards are only given out in the year of the IUIS congress, which will next take place in April 2019, Beijing, China.

Design your campaign the way you like using any media you wish – posters, film, video,social media, email or regular mail. Ask all your members to give interviews, lectures,join classroom discussions, meet teachers and talk to friends, family and neighbors abouttheir amazing immune system!


Alberto Mantovani
IUIS President

René A.W. van Lier
EFIS President

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